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Success Story: Fur-Ever Home Rescue

Lil Lady is a wonderful dog in our care who was rescued from a shelter after she was hit by a car and abandoned. Due to the trauma, she required an additional surgery to repair her eyelid so she would have the ability to close her eye. Unfortunately, this has left her with a unique appearance, wh...
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Success Story: Miss Gabriel Foundation

Snow White (first photo) needed to have a bilateral TPLO surgery, vulvoplasty surgery, and luxating-patella surgery — all on the same day, in one marathon surgery session. This surgery was hard on her body. We thank KONG for sending us toys to help keep Snow’s mind happy and healthy d...
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Success Story: Paws for Life Rescue

Rosa (pictured) is a sweet, fun 3-year-old dog who loves to be rewarded for learning new things. She is eager to train with the new flirt poles, especially with a plush, soft toy at the end of the rope! She is available for adoption through Paws for Life Rescue and you can Read More >

Success Story: Doggy Smiles Rescue

We had a shepherd-mix puppy. He was getting in trouble by chewing on everything in his foster home. We gave him Kong toys and he loved them. He would lie down and chew on his toys instead of getting into trouble. When he was adopted, he took his toys with him.

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Success Story: Animal Rescue Fund

One specific dog whom the Kong toy grant helped was Love, a 1-year-old black Lab mix. Love barked continuously in her kennel from stress. Even though Love received several walks a day, she quickly became bored after her walks and would bark nonstop in her kennel. When we gave Love a Kong toy fill...
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