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Ok, you’ve done some thinking about adopting one of our animals? Sounds good! Still not sure? Let’s clear some things up…

Why in the world would anyone want a rescue animal? I mean, there’s plenty of animals in the newspaper and the pound, right?

Your adoption fee includes the cost of the spay/neuter.  This surgery must be performed by one of our veterinarians.   Most dogs are altered before they are listed on our website and Petfinder.  There are occasions where a puppy is too young to be altered and will be done at a later date by one of our veterinarians.  They are socialized in a family setting, meaning they have learned to interact with humans and other cats and dogs versus spending the first months or years locked in a cage. They are loving, caring animals which bring to the table the same affection and warmth any other animal in your home would bring.

Simply fill out the form below and click on the, “Submit” button, we’ll take it from there! An adoption counselor will get back to you as soon as possible. Paws with Pride reserves the right to deny any application for any reason.  Thank you!

It is the policy of Paws with Pride’s that we do not adopt dogs/puppies to renters. This policy in no way reflects on any person or family’s ability to be a great pet owner! This policy was instituted due to the fact that many animals come to us from pet owners who move to new rental properties that will not allow pets, therefore, the animal is either surrendered to rescue, taken to the dog pound or abandoned. We do verify home ownership


Please fill out the WHOLE form below. We cannot process the information unless the entire form is filled out; this includes making sure which buttons are checked
(by default they are set to: “YES”). Thank you.

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